COVERT OPERATIONS FILES : Electric VTOL Mini-UAS Developed for Covert Operations

Electric VTOL Mini-UAS Developed for Covert Operations

Solutions & Systems
, a joint venture between Cyient Ltd. and BlueBird
Aero Systems, has announced the launch of its latest offering, the WanderB
Vertical Take-Off & Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). The
WanderB VTOL is designed for military, peacekeeping, low-intensity conflict
resolution, law enforcement, disaster management, and commercial applications.
The system is being showcased at the Aero India 2019 trade show.

WanderB VTOL is an electric mini-UAS specially optimized for covert,
“over-the-hill” operations, supporting extensive day and night ISR missions. It
combines the advantages of fixed-wing operation with vertical take-off and
landing, supporting significant range, endurance and speed. WanderB offers a
tactical advantage to defense, paramilitary and security forces for real-time
critical intelligence gathering and surveillance.

VTOL feature makes the WanderB a versatile solution for both land and maritime
operations. As a fully autonomous UAS equipped with two batteries, the WanderB
VTOL can operate even in strong winds and harsh weather conditions. The system
offers high operational availability of 2.5 hours and has a mission range of 50
km (extendable up to 80 km). Using a proprietary ground control system and
video-exploitation software, the system relays GPS-marked imagery to ground
forces in real-time, enhancing situational awareness and mission execution

Joseph, Managing Director and CEO, Cyient Solutions & Systems commented:
“We are delighted to launch the WanderB VTOL for the Indian defence market and
Aero India 2019 is the ideal platform to showcase this advanced system. The
system breaks new ground in operational versatility and performance making the
WanderB VTOL a unique solution for critical, real-time intelligence gathering
and surveillance.”

Nadir, CEO of BlueBird Aero Systems said: “The new VTOL capability frees the
WanderB UAS from take-off and landing space limitations, paving the way for its
utilization by users who require precise point take-off and landing, together
with the advanced operational capabilities already delivered by our
field-proven systems. The WanderB VTOL system is the result of significant
R&D investment, designed to bring to the market a cost-effective, reliable,
high-performance solution that successfully handles the missions associated
with modern battlefield, and homeland security requirements, as well as for
civilian markets.”