MK ULTRA PROJECT : International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons on the “NIEHS Working Group Report”

Taken from a statement by

Harlan Girard, Managing Director

International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons on the “NIEHS Working
Group Report”

Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Washington, D.C.

September 28, 1998

name is Harlan Girard, and I am the Managing Director of the International
Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons, located in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. I would like to comment in the broadest way possible on the
Working Group Report, rather than specifics, because lurking behind the science
of human health effects from exposure to power-line frequency electric and
magnetic fields are powerful interests and government programs whose existence
has never been publicly acknowledged. Yet they are always present, or re-presented,
in debates concerning the science itself and the continued funding of science
seeking answers to the questions you have addressed. And their interests are
not your own.

1982, an obscure organization called the Congressional Clearinghouse on the
Future published a study titled “Future Agenda”. The Congress is always focused
on problems requiring immediate resolution. The obscure chairman of the
Clearinghouse proposed to take a look into the future by polling all the
subcommittees in the House of Representatives. He asked them to tell him what
they believed would be the burning issues before their subcommittee ten years
in the future.

two places in that report, “Future Agenda”, the words ‘offensive microwave
weapons’ are used, and in one place the words ‘offensive microwave weapons’ are
linked with the words ‘and mind-control mechanisms.’ I have never seen the
words ‘offensive microwave weapons’ used in any other government report. We’ve
never had the public discussion of ‘offensive microwave weapons’ which should
have occurred by 1992, but these weapons are out there and they are being used
on human beings, both experimentally and operationally.

of my interest in the technology of ‘offensive microwave weapons’, I am frequently
contacted by people who believe they are being assaulted (and mind-controlled)
with microwave weapons by the United States Government. Since 1990 I have spent
countless hours listening to these people and attempting to separate truth from
delusion, to separate the credible cases of involuntary human experimentation
from people who “wanna be” victims of government research.

1991, I had a long conversation about the problem of ‘mind-control mechanisms’
with W. Ross Adey. He counseled me to forget these victims because the Central
Intelligence Agency would soon lose interest in electric and magnetic field
effects and go onto something else. The outcome has been quite the opposite of
what he expected, and in recent years the reports crossing my desk (and tying
up my telephone) have accelerated greatly. Not only that, but new words are
entering the vocabulary of the military and intelligence establishments:
biological process control, cognitive warfare, synthetic telepathy, information
operations, beta wave incapacitators and psycho-technologies.

I took the words ‘offensive microwave weapons’ as the name of my public
interest advocacy group because the obscure Chairman of the Congressional
Clearinghouse on the Future in 1982 is a very prominent man in 1998. His name
is Albert Gore, Jr. (Vice President of the United States of America). So we
know that at the highest level of government discussions have been held about
‘offensive microwave weapons’ and ‘mind-control mechanisms’.

point is this: how can the United States Government endorse and fund and act on
the health effects from exposure to electric and magnetic fields at the same
time as it is weaponizing the biological effects and health effects of those
very same fields? What interest does the United States have, particularly in
health effects, when human beings are being involuntarily exposed to enormous
amounts of radiation in a Manhattan-type project to unlock the secrets of the
human mind and consciousness?

biological and health effects of human exposure to electric and magnetic fields
of every frequency are already well known to the military and intelligence
establishments. They are being weaponized. I urge you to join me in asking that
those Special Access Programs in which such involuntary human experimentation
takes place be opened, for the health and well being of all mankind.