MK ULTRA PROJECT : The Proof - for organized stalking and the satellite technology/weapon to not exist, the following would have to be true:


By Mike

organized stalking and the satellite technology/weapon to not exist, the
following would have to be true:

Organized stalking does not exist. 
The FBI stopped all COINTELPRO-type activities after congressional hearings in
the 1970’s.

The large and constantly expanding group
of people who report being stalked, monitored, harassed, intimidated,
threatened, vandalized, etc. by a large, well-organized group would have to ALL
be wrong.  Our personal testimony would have to be wrong.  For some reason,
we are all imagining it or making it up.  No one does these things in the
United States anymore.  It all stopped in the 1970’s.  To believe
otherwise is evidence of a “delusional belief system”.

ALL of the books, articles, websites,
blogs, petitions, Facebook pages, papers, letters, etc. dealing with organized
stalking, technological assault/torture and mind control would have to be
wrong.  For some reason, we made all of this stuff up, and invested
considerable time and effort in doing so.

Ted Gunderson’s sworn affidavit on gang
stalking (organized stalking) would have to be wrong.  Mr. Gunderson
worked for the FBI for nearly three decades between 1951 and 1979 and retired
from the FBI as Senior Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles FBI.  In
the 2011 affidavit, Mr. Gunderson stated, “This makes the F.B.I.’s former
COINTELPRO program, which I worked on, including in a supervisory capacity,
look like a Sunday school program by comparison.”    

I somehow “invented” this satellite
weapon, arguably the most powerful surveillance tool and weapon ever developed,
ahead of every military and intelligence agency in the world.  I did this
without any expertise in satellite technology or energy.

No one has been able to develop this
satellite weapon in over 50 years since satellites were first launched. 
No one has been able to figure out how to put energy on our brains and bodies
using a satellite.  It’s a simple, yet extremely powerful, concept.

The strongest theory ever advanced
for “hearing voices” and for “mental illness” would have to be invalid. 
Even though it explains virtually everything, something would have to cause the
satellite theory to fail.  To date, no one has said what that is. 
The mental health profession won’t even respond.

The mental health profession has never
even had a decent theory for “hearing voices” or for “mental illness”. 
“Brain chemistry” and “chemical imbalance”, which are a complete mystery to
most people, are the best “explanations” they have.  “Mental health” remains
completely subjective, even though lives are often forever changed or lost.

The physical pains, sensations and
conditions which often accompany “mental illness” would remain inexplicable,
imagined “somatoform disorders”.  After decades, no one knows what causes
any of them.  They just mysteriously coincide with “voices” and other
symptoms of “mental illness”.  Why does “mental illness” cause diarrhea
and tooth pain?

10.Numerous physical conditions, illnesses and diseases would remain
inexplicable.  Even with the vast scientific and technological advances,
no one has been able to determine what causes them.  The medical
profession doesn’t seem interested in energy.    

11.Everyone who has reported having energy on his or her brain and body
would have to be wrong.  Our personal testimony would have to be
wrong.  For some reason, we are all imagining it or making it up.  We
have all developed an inexplicable fascination with energy.

12.Everyone who believes he or she is not “mentally ill”, something else is
going on, would have to be wrong.  Millions of people have lost touch with
reality and can’t comprehend their “illness”. 

13.For some reason, millions of people still don’t want help with their
“mental illness”.  They must be forced into “treatment”.  Conversely,
most people still want help with their physical illnesses.  They don’t
have to be involuntarily “treated” or medicated.

14.As much sense as it makes, “mental illness” is not used by criminals and
“Nazis” to control, discredit, torture, destroy and kill people.

15.Mass shootings result from inexplicable, uncontrollable anger caused by
“mental illness”, not satellite torture.  The FBI, state and local law
enforcement and everyone else can’t make sense of these horrific events. 
Why are these people so angry? 

16.Muslims committing violent acts within the United States are
“terrorists”, not “mentally ill”.  For Muslims, the “terrorist” label
overrides “hearing voices” and “mental illness” (example: Omar Mateen, the
Orlando mass shooting tragedy).

17.People who hear the “Voice of God” are either “mentally ill” or God is
really talking to them.  It can’t be satellite communication.

18.Accurate numbers with respect to people “hearing voices” and
experiencing other symptoms of “mental illness” will show that these symptoms
have remained somewhat constant, on a percentage basis, going back in
time.  No one is willing to produce these numbers even though they would
end this highly contentious debate.  The mental health profession won’t
even respond.

19.Accurate numbers with respect to various “inexplicable” physical
conditions, illnesses and diseases will not show a correlation with the
introduction of satellite technology capable of putting energy on our brains
and bodies.  Conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux and
erectile dysfunction have always existed at roughly the same level on a
percentage basis.

20.The mental health profession should not be required to defend their DSM
or their profession, or to produce accurate numbers.  They should not be
forced to comply with “Scientific Method”.  We just need to accept that
they know more about our brains and bodies than we do.  No one should
challenge them.  After all, they are highly trained doctors.

21.Mental health professionals are good, honest people truly trying to help
those suffering from “mental illness”.  They are doing their best to find
a cure for “mental illness”.  They are not “Nazi” doctors who support and provide
cover for torture and genocide.  There haven’t been Nazi doctors since the
Holocaust.  That ideology just disappeared.     

22.Government, military, national security and law enforcement officials
are not complicit in organized stalking or satellite assault and torture. 
There is some other reason they are rude, defensive and evasive with people who
report these extremely serious crimes  Why has no one taken a position
that organized stalking and the satellite technology/weapon do not exist? 
That should be easy, right?

23.Everyone who continues to ignore all of the information and victim
testimony is justified.  It’s all just conspiratorial nonsense.

24.9/11 was perpetrated by 19 Muslim terrorists with box cutters, not by
“zapping” and killing the pilots using satellite energy and remotely taking
control of the planes.

25.All plane crashes and disappearances were caused by something other than

26.Something which explains much of what is bad in the world is
invalid.  A satellite cannot do these things.  No one is using energy
as a weapon.

27.Someone needs to grab the patent for this satellite technology.  It
will be worth a fortune someday, and we need to prevent the next Hitler from
taking control of the entire planet and destroying humanity.