Dear all,

Just a quick update, as I have explained several times
before, the idea at the moment, is to have an event every week, always on
Wednesday, alternating meetings and Parliament Square vigils.

Last vigil, this Wednesday, was very successfully, there were only
4 people present, myself, Marcin, Ahmed and a new member Philip, but myself and
Marcin did stick around until 7pm as there were a variety of different things
going on around Westminster, different rallies, meetings, protests, etc., at
around 1pm there was a huge crowd around the House of Parliament’s main
entrance as David Cameron was leaving the House as PM for the last time.

As there was a huge media presence, later on Marcin and myself
experimented with leafleting and displaying a number of placards on College
Green where all the different media were assembled complete with a number of
large marquees, I had a placard in front of me and one hanging from my back and
I’m sure that the placards were visible from where all the different media
crews were filming and I’m sure they ended up being included in many of the
shots, at the same time we were also leafleting and we gave away a lot of
literature to people who were indubitably politicians and who had been on the
Green being interviewed by the media.

Interestingly enough alongside us there were a number of Anti-Cut
protesters, many of whom I know personally, who were heckling some of the
politicians being interviewed on the Green using a megaphone and interestingly
enough, at the time no one was trying to challenge what they were doing which
provides me with many new ideas about future activism.

I have never tried to do any kind of activism on College Green
before, just in front of all the media filming and I found the experience very
interesting and energising and I took away a lot of idea for future activism
initiatives and by the way there was a PressTV journalist who came to speak
with us, he asked me a few questions and audio recorded a short interview, not
sure if anything will ever come out of that, Marcin was with me at the time.

Now moving on to next week, as this Wednesday we had a vigil, next
Wednesday we should be having a meeting, but as next Thurday July 21st
the Parliament rises and go on recess for 7 weeks until September 5th,
which will temporarily remove some of the motivation for having Parliament
Square vigils, I thought it may be better to have another vigil next Wednesday
July 20th the last opportunity before the Parliament goes on holiday
and then to have a meeting in two week time on Wednesday July 27

Meetings still same time 6pm, same place, the Cafe at Friends
Meeting House in front of Euston Station, as for the vigils I decided to make a
few minor changes to simplify the format so from now on, instead of meeting up
in front of Westminster Station at 12.15pm, we are going to meet-up directly on
the right-end side of the House of Parliament’s main entrance at 12pm and the
vigil should end at around 2.30pm, with people welcome to attend any time they
choose even later.

Finally this Saturday there is a big pro-Corbyn, anti-Tories
anti-Cuts march from the BBC in Portland Place to Parliament Square with people
starting to assemble in front of the BBC at around 12pm, I’m going to be there
with placards, leafleting, filming, if anyone is interested in joining me so
that we can march together with placards etc., please give me a ring at
07482307641, we could meet up outside Great Portland Street tube station around
11am or slightly later.

So this is all for now, if you want to find out about the Bases TI
Conference or about the many other things going on at the moment, you will have
to come to the meetings, the vigils or Saturday March I’m afraid :), underneath
there are a few links:

next vigil:

next meeting:

this Saturday March:

Bases TI conference:

best wishes everyone,

and please join in in all the various events if you can,

all the best,

Paolo Fiora